About the Museum

About the Museum

The Ravensfield Collection, established by the inscrutable H.C. Ravensfield in the waning 19th century, has enraptured and confounded visitors with its curation of eldritch relics and enigmatic antiquities that transcend conventional comprehension. Originally ensconced within the eccentric Ravensfield Manor, the assemblage lay obscured for decades until its renaissance in the 1960s, when an audacious modern structure arose upon the hallowed grounds of the former estate.

Within its labyrinthine halls lurk artifacts that whisper of civilizations consigned to oblivion and realities rent from our cosmology — the collection stands in defiant testament to the siren call of the arcane and impervious to explication.

Visit the Collection


Waxing Crescent 8AM-10AM
First Quarter 8AM-12PM
Waxing Gibbous 8AM-6PM
Full 24h
Waning Gibbous 12AM-8AM
Third Quarter 2AM-6AM
Waning Crescent 6AM-8AM


General admission 1 object of intimate value
Seniors (65 and over) 1 endearing memory
Students 1 unfulfilled dream
Children (under 12) Free
Children (adults who behave like) Admission on a case-by-case basis
Time and interdimensional travelers Free
Unimaginative people Forbidden

Museum Rules

  1. Tampering with or activating any chronometric, transdimensional, or reality-destabilizing devices is strictly prohibited. Violations may result in unraveling of the space-time continuum.
  2. Flash photography is permitted, but may inadvertently capture images of beings not meant for mortal eyes, leading to irreversible psychic scarring.
  3. Children under the age of 108 must be accompanied by an adult adept in the practice of banishing malefic forces.
  4. Pets, familiars, or any extradimensional fauna are not allowed on the premises, as their presence may disrupt the delicate metaphysical balance.
  5. Visitors are advised to keep their third eyes closed while traversing the Transvoid Corridor, lest they glimpse the true architects of our reality.
  6. The consumption of mind-altering substances is strictly forbidden, as it may render one susceptible to the insidious whispers of the Ravensfield Collection's more...vociferous residents.
  7. Touching any artifact is ill-advised, unless one wishes to risk a harrowing journey through the labyrinthine realms of the subconscious collective.
  8. Skeptics and non-believers are welcome, but may find their cherished notions of reality swiftly unraveling upon exposure to the collection's inexplicable wonders.
  9. A firm grip on one's sanity is highly recommended, as the Ravensfield Collection is not liable for any existential crises, unwitting demonic pacts, or utter dissolutions of self that may occur during your visit.
  10. Please, don't feed the artwork.